When it comes to the Kardashian family, it seems that their half-sister, Kylie Jenner, has become the new “It” girl in regards to causing controversy and setting trends. While the world was once obsessed with whether or not Kim Kardashian released her own sex tape or has had butt implants, it seems like the new hot ticket item in the media has to do with Kylie Jenner and her plethora of plastic surgery rumors or her romance troubles. In fact, even other celebrities have started to weigh in on the incredible transformation Kylie Jenner has made over the years. Recognizing the conundrum that Kylie Jenner is in, Keke Palmer recently took to Instagram in defense of Kylie Jenner and her transformation. She posted a meme that had a before and after shot of Kylie Jenner and also had a few quotes taken by the media during those times in her life. Her younger picture had a reference to her inability to look older and being ugly, while her 2016 picture had a statement about how she looks fake. It seems that she can’t win no matter what she does and yet, it’s hard to deny that her transformation is absolutely astounding.

Audiences of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality series remember her looking a certain way when she was first introduced in the series but she’s definitely not that same freckled face girl anymore. Check out our list of the 15 photos of Kylie Jenner’s transformation and see how her style and look has evolved over the years.

1. Similar to Punky Brewster

Kylie Jenner was photographed in 2009 while she was just 12-years-old. Her freckled face look was strikingly similar to the pop culture favorite, Punky Brewster. She doesn’t seem to have any facial makeup at all and lets her freckles be the star of the show on her unassuming and cute face. Her lips don’t even have a hint of any hue or gloss and it even seems like she’s had to forego on any chapstick as well, which she probably could’ve made use of since her lips look a tad dry. However, she does appear to have some dark black eyeliner on and possibly a few sweeps of mascara. Yet, it’s not overstated lashes like in her later years. However, it may be there, but is obscured by her full bangs. She’s seen wearing her hair in a center part and the banks are looking a little unkempt, yet she seems to be able to pull it off since she’s super young in the photo.